Toddler Soft Play
4 years and under

Bursting with colour

and plenty of room to roam

Welcome to a world of limitless adventure at Jack in the Box Toddler Soft Play area.

3 Floors of fun!

Designed to cater to the energetic and imaginative minds of toddlers, this area is a safe and stimulating playground. This exciting multi-level experience not only develops their motor skills, self-confidence, and social interaction abilities but also adds an extra layer of thrill to their playtime.

  • Large ball pool with ball shower
  • Under the Sea sensory area
  • Space Pod
  • Ball boggler
  • Wavy slide
  • Mouse holes
  • Jacks Toy Box (Coming soon)
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The cleanest and nicest soft play we've been to. It has lots of nice touches - a games area with projector games, ball pools with a vacuum ball drop and a drop slide. It's just the right size too - plenty to do - but not so huge you lose your kids for an hour. Staff were actively patrolling to make sure everyone is playing properly too. So many little touches - like having child sized toilets as ewll as big ones made all the difference. It made our three year old feel totally independent. The food was great - lovely thin pizzas - felt like they had come our of a decent pizza oven. Highly highly recommend. Our three loved it - and we did too!
Lee Fallin
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