Baby Soft Play
18 months and under

explore, play,

and make new friends

Unleash your little one’s imagination and sense of exploration at Jack in the Box. Our Baby Area is perfectly designed to nurture your baby’s growth, stimulate development and provide pure enjoyment.

With soft, safe, colourful equipment, it’s the ideal space for your baby to crawl, climb, and bounce while interacting with others their age. It’s more than just play – it’s a chance for your little ones to develop their physical skills, creativity, and social interaction.

The carefully designed, gated baby area includes:

  •  Tummy time aids – to make tummy time more fun.
  • Contrasting patterns (did you know that babies can really only see in black, white and grey tones until they are 6 months old). The visual contrasting patterns help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration.
  • Sitting aids.
  • Splat mats to encourage babies to open their hands to support crawling development.
  • Activities to practice hand eye coordination.
  • Inflatable animals for lots of bouncing – strengthening legs and core muscles
  • A safe space to explore for those practicing standing and walking.
  • Bubbles …. because who doesn’t love bubbles! (also known to be great for eye tracking development).