Covid-19 Policy

Clean and Safe Venue

Mega Fun has always been regarded as a very clean and safe venue and we have always operated to a very high standard.

From 19th July the laws around social distancing have changed, but you can be sure we're still putting the safety of our guests and our staff first and foremost.

Our safety measures include:

Reduced visitor capacity

Although we could legally accept 100% of our visitor capacity, we feel that by continuing to limit our visitor numbers, our guests can enjoy a more comfortable experience. To enable social distancing, we are limiting our visitor numbers to a maximum of 65% of our venue capacity.

Online pre-booked visits

To guarantee your visit, you will still need to pre-book online. With our limited capacity, our tickets do sell out, so please plan ahead.

Perspex screens at reception and servery

Keeping a protective barrier between both you and us.

Hand sanitiser units and extra hand washing stations

Four new hand washing stations and several hand sanitiser stations have been installed throughout the centre. Please remember to wash your hands frequently.

Constant cleaning

Staff will be cleaning high touch points both on and off the play equipment throughout the day to help keep us squeaky clean. Obviously, if there are any areas you would like us to particularly focus on, please speak to any member of staff.

Air ventilation

A new upgraded ventilation system replaces the air in the entire centre several times an hour and is way in excess of government requirements. And, with a 6.5m roof height, there’s plenty of fresh air for everyone.

New cafe procedures

We now have single use disposable menus incorporating a QR to enable you to order at your table on your smart phone and avoid queuing.

Food and drink orders will be brought to your table along with wrapped cutlery and sauces.

Antiviral fogging

The building and play equipment is sanitised in accordance with the guidelines with NHS grade antiviral fogging equipment especially designed for hospitals and kitchens. The fogging machine creates an antiviral fog that coats surfaces with a sterile coating that kills all bacteria and viruses and lasts for several days.

Face coverings

From 19th July the law regarding face coverings has changed.

To keep our staff and other visitors safe, we encourage you to continue to wear a face covering at all times, except when seated at your table.

Mega Fun is a large building with a 6.5m high ceiling and multiple fresh air changes per hour. We are restricting our visitor numbers to a maximum of 65% of our capacity to further enable social distancing. Wearing a face covering would be a further measure to help keep everyone safe.

Ball Pools

Everyone loves the ball pools (well almost everyone) and we are bringing them back, but with a rigorous cleaning routine.

The balls will be completely cleaned regularly with our new state-of-the-art automatic ball washer (affectionately known as Noo-Noo). In addition, they will be cleaned every day with a solution which kills all bacteria and viruses, including Covid, and coats them with a protective film. This is the new recommended method of keeping the ball pools germ and Covid safe.

Our play partnership with you

To make sure our safety measures work, we ask all visitors to respect our Covid-19 policy and to work with us to keep us all Covid-safe.

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